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Linen Towels – a Perfect Choice for the Beach

A simple towel can make or break your day on the beach. We expect a beach towel would absorb moisture immediately and dry out quickly; we also want it to be lightweight and quite large for us to lie on; we also want it to be stylish and of beautiful design. And – surprise, surprise – pure linen towels have all those characteristics!

Linen Towels

Linen towels willl absorb moisture and leave you dry in seconds, they will dry very quickly afterwards and become a perfect mat to lie on. Linen towels are extremely lightweight – easy to carry around in your beach bag. And they are in fashion! Made of natural flax fiber, linen beach towels have plenty of positive qualities and therefore are considered luxurious ones, so using one on the beach will say something about you, too. All this make linen towels irreplaceable for quality beach time.

Linen Towels LinenMe

Beach towels are usually larger than those used at home. Because of the size and thinness, linen beach towels can be multipurpose. Linen towel can become a make shift garment or a blanket, or worn as a “coat” on cooler days, or can be worn tied around the waist like a skirt or just above the chest like a long dress, usually in warm environments or on the beach.

Linen Towels LinenMe

Linen beach towel come in many sizes, styles, and designs, and include colorful big towels, cute hooded towels for the babies, and trendy towels for teens. Beach towels come in many designs and colors to satisfy individual’s preferences and can be purchased at affordable prices. Affordable prices make quality linen towels popular among those planning a trip to a beach.

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